Nuits Allumées 2020 – THE DJs

International DJs.

DJ Paola PIA (Italy)

Paola Pia has been dancing tango for 20 years.

She started djing in 2001 and performs in the best milongas in Turin and other Italian towns. She is often invited in festivals, encuentros and marathons all over Europe. She likes to offer tangos ranging from the 30’s to the 60’s, as well as music played by modern orchestras.


DJ El Huracán – Jo Switten (Belgium) 

Jo Switten, aka DJ El Huracán, came in contact with Argentine tango at the end of the 80’s.

In 1990 he took his first workshop and he immediately fell in love with the music, the dance and the social aspects of the milongas. Back then, there were few possibilities to dance so he started to collect tango records and djing in Belgium and in international milongas.

During his various trips to Buenos Aires he completed his records collection. Jo is passionate about tango but isn’t a librarian or a archiver of tango music. He strongly believes a good milonga is about fun, about the joy of dancing and being together, without losing the authentic character of a real Argentine salón de tango.


DJ  Yuliya Thaïs (Ukraine)  

Yuliya comes from Ukraine and lives nowadays in Bordeaux.

She is passionate about dance and music. She has been djing in various milongas, always attentive to the dancers and adjusting to the differences. The music she plays creates a genuine party atmosphere.


Local DJ guests

Gaëlle (Tango Bueno Laval)

She first started djing for the practicas of the association in Laval where she discovered tango. But then, Gaelle got caught up into the game.

She enjoys traditional tangos in which she selects energetic or melodic songs, and at the same time strong and powerful…an invitation to dance.


Alain SEHAN (Côtes d’Armor)

«I play mostly tangos up to the 50’s, except for a few alternative songs for a different touch… When the milonga starts, I like to play rhythmical slow tangos to help the dancers get connected with the ground and their body sensations. The music helps create the emotion that will be shared on the dance floor. In this aspect, sung tangos are essential. I particularly enjoy the lively music of Rafaël Canaro. »


Jean-Pierre (Tango des Rias – Finistère)


Les DJs des Allumés du Tango


As a music lover, Didier plays mainly tango from the classical and dynamic stock of tangos. He is known for his unusual cortinas and the complicity they create with the dancers.

His aim is for the dancers to leave the milonga with a big smile on their face.



I discovered Argentine tango almost 22 years ago and it’s since been a long way! Djing helped me have a better understanding of the tango culture, and dance better while sharing my passion for tango.

I think the orchestras of the Golden era are musically richer and more interesting for dancers to perform. But the Vieja Guardia also has its gold nuggets, with emotional and light-hearted songs.
When djing, I like to use these many treasures for a truly social milonga.
I try to bring the couples on the dance floor in a state of mind of close communion, like a gentle vibration of  each soul among the crowd. When this emotion is reached, the harmony is then possible.


Association de Tango Argentin depuis 1992