NUITS ALLUMÉES 2019 – The live bands


Quinteto Ensueños 2

Shusheta – Quinteto Ensueños

5 young musicians with important tango music experience – they have shared several musical projects or have met on stage during Festivals in Europe – decided to get together in a band where tango music and dance join together.

Quinteto Ensuenos refers to one of the 1stguitar quinteto in tango history – Quinteto Real d’Horacio Salgan – and to its eponym piece, one of the most valued by dancers.

This is an invitation for dancers and listeners to let themselves be carried away by the subtlety of the arrangements of traditional tangos.

Violin : Daniel Hurtado (Es)

Bandoneon : Lysandre Donoso (Fr)

Electric guitar : Camilo Cordoba (Arg)

Piano : Chloë Pfeiffer (Fr)

Double basse : Santiago Quagliariello (Arg)




Pavadita – Orquesta social del Tango

Created in 2015, this orchestra aims at recreating the structure of the Tipica as it existed during the Golden Age.

Constituted with musicians who love traditionnal tango, they work on capturing the features of traditionnal orchestras.


Avec une force rythmique remarquable et un respect des lignes mélodiques originales, le groupe interprète les classiques du répertoire de tango de tous les temps, pour les pistes de danse. Il propose un répertoire, des arrangements et un son unique, impossible à réaliser par de plus petits groupes.

C’est le format le plus puissant et le plus emblématique du tango, celui qui offre les possibilités les plus expressives. 


Association de Tango Argentin depuis 1992