Nuits Allumées 2023 – DJs (english)

  • 3 Djs from Italy :

Paola Pia from Turin

Paola Pia started dancing tango 25 years ago. She has been a tango dj since 2001. She has been djing in the most famous milongas in Turin and other Italian cities. She is often invited to events, festivals, encuentros and marathons in all Europe. She selects her milongas from a large variety of songs from the 30s to the 60s, along with modern orchestras.

Max Stasi from Milan 

Max’s passion for tango began in 1999 as a dancer and collector of tango music.

He started Dj-ing in 2006. During this period, He collaborated and continues to work with most of the major Milongas in the Milan area and many venues in northern/central Italy. He regularly DJs at international Marathons/Encuentros/Festivals/Milongas in Europe, North America and Asia.

To date, he has hosted about 1200 events in about 20 countries around the world.

For Max, every event is different and unique. All tandas and transitions are improvised based on observation of the dancefloor, shaping the rhythmic and emotional energy of the dance floor.

Max’s other passion is red wine and for him, “A Tango DJ gig is like a great red wine: complex, spicy, bold, intense, harmonic … and after each sip (or tanda) you’re left wanting for more!”.

Francesco Patierno from Milan

Still keen on tango, Francesco Patierno first learnt to dance in 2005.

Five years later, he started djing offering a selection of pieces from the Golden age mainly and the best of the 50s. He carefully organises his milongas around the traditional tandas and cortinas according to the tradition inherited from BA. He favours a melodic vein supported by the strength of compas. He is well known and valued in Milan and Northern Italy as well as Paris, in encuentros and international festivals, special events and tango-holidays.

  • DJs from Les Allumés and guest Djs from near-by associations.

Catherine TANGO BUENO – Laval – Tango Bueno

Catherine sees the Milonga as a musical journey throughout a large variety of landscapes, balanced between music from the Golden Age and more contemporary interpretations. She offers tandas that invite you to dance, as her greatest satisfaction is to see the dancers take over the floor and share the pleasure of dancing to the music. 

Guitz TANGO FUEGO – Angers – Tango Fuego

In 2009, I discovered Argentine tango in Lille (France). Milongas are deeply charming. Musicalisation contributes to the alchemy, ensuring that everyone can have the best time. Traditional tangos articulated with energetic or smooth tandas, spprinkled with recent tango orchestrations, here’s what’s you can expect and I look forward to meeting you and making sure you have a great time.


Initially attracted to tango music, I learnt to dance tango in the early 2000s in Grenoble (France). In 2006 I started djing in Caracas (Venezuela) where I also organized milongas until 2021. I see the milonga like a kind of collective performance, where dancers and djs elaborate unique, unrepeatable experiences. Tandas and cortina are part of it. I like to pick music from over one hundred years old tango history, without prejudice but always taking into account the dancers moods and taste.

Hubert « El Pillo » 

For me, music has always been utmost ! I’ve been tango dj for 10 years now. My guide line and priority : melody, rythm, and a large variety in my musical choices.


Tango Dj since 2007, I favour tangos from the Golden Age mainly. I also like more modern orchestras, whether from Argentina or Europe, when they perform in the same style as the Golden Age orchestras. I choose among a variety of rhythms, styles and moods in the music to invite the dancers to dance as much as possible.

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